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Mesh Building specializes in supplying large format tile and slab up to 126”x63” in book-match and continuous pattern designs. That fulfills your needs for all architectural surfaces. Including not only flooring and wall coverings, but also countertops, backsplash, cabinet cladding, fireplace surrounding, shower stalls, and etc. To see our products, kindly visit our “gallery”.

These marble essences go wonderfully with our porcelain stoneware sheets. A lot of other suppliers don’t offer these essences in such huge formats as we do. We will pay attention to every little detail of marble essence porcelain slabs. They will withstand all kinds of abuse, such as stains, heat, cold, UV rays, and scratches.

Collaboration is the key to success. Therefore, we aim to capture the needs of the market through beauty, quality, and service. Above all, the consistency in all three of these areas will channel our performance as a top porcelain slab and tile distributor in Great Toronto Area, Canada.

When it comes to bathroom surfaces, we can clad your ceilings, flooring, shower walls, and just about every other surface. It is much cheaper to have thinner surface materials installed in comparison to quartz and granite surfaces. Since the slabs are still huge, it is still possible to have large customized panels on the walls of your bathroom. The customization options can include various patterns and colors too. For more details, you can visit our home page.

Our goal is to be the leader of porcelain slabs and tiles. In addition, it will be facilitated by leveraging our size and production techniques to aptly supply any project requirements quickly and efficiently. So you can see our gallery, if you want these Marble tiles, you can get from here.